1. hachiroku13954#CB's Avatar
    i have a BB Pearl for the Verizon Wireless. and for some reason it would connect to the Bluetooth GPS and then disconnects by itself after 2 seconds. i have 2 other bluetooth devices and if i click on one of them, the menu has Connect on it. when i highlight the Bluetooth GPS, the Connect option isn't even there. can i even use this with my Pearl? i am seriously at a lost here. i have ask others who bought this and they say it works. since crackberry won't allow me to post a website yet, the ebay item number is 260271079288. i've been at this for the past couple of days. im about to use this as a hockey puck.
    08-07-08 01:33 PM
  2. oakie's Avatar
    because it will only stay connected long enough to "handshake". if you open up an application that uses the GPS, then you'll see it stay connected.
    08-08-08 03:26 AM
  3. hachiroku13954#CB's Avatar
    i downloaded nav4all and when i selected GPS information, it said that it was Blocked?? so does this mean that i can't use this puck for GPS??
    08-08-08 03:47 PM
  4. snowboarder61's Avatar
    try this....

    Go to Options> Advanced options> GPS

    Now under GPS Data source it should say the name of your gps puck. Under the GPS Services field, you want it to say "Location On" Not "911 only"... Once you made sure that is done, open up blackberry maps, go into the settings and make sure your gps source is set to your gps puck also... If it is, make sure your puck is turned on and communicating with your bb (your bluetooth led will be flashing on your phone and if equipped, the puck also) once that is done, from the home screen of blackberry maps, hit menu and you should see "start gps navigation" at the top. select it, and you should be good to go.. If all is working well, you can now open up any other gps application and use it as long as bbmaps is still running in the background..

    Hope that helps..
    08-12-08 02:09 AM