1. lustful gangsta's Avatar
    Well I guess I pretty much messed up my device because I was downlaoding the vodafone os onto my att 8310 but I remembered that I had forgotten to delete the vendor file. So I unplugged my device while it was still downloading the new os and then plugged it back in after I had deleted the vendor file. I messed up this time also because after I had accepted downloading the os onto my device again, I remembered that I was supposed to use the update tab instead of the add/remove one. Well, the thing refused to accept my pushing of the cancel button so it finished the download. I thought at first that I had messed up my device because after refusing to go to the normal screen, it kept on doing my theme's hourglass rotation. i did a battery pull and I had to wait for the hourglass stuff again. However, somewhere through the waiting, the hourglass had turned back to the original theme's hourglass and not my custom one. It turned now to the menu screen but had asked me to do the setup wizard again. I just put in my name again for some reason and then remembered about my backups. I went to my latest one but about 5 seconds into the restoration, Microsoft says that Desktop Manager needed to close. I did this a couple of more times with some older backups but it still didn't work. By the way, my desktop manager is the 4.5 one so can anyone help me out?
    06-28-08 01:40 PM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    To keep me from having read that again.

    If I get you the OS loaded fine, but now you can't restore.

    Which backup files ore you using, the ones that say Loader or
    the ones with a date in them?
    06-28-08 01:54 PM
  3. BBIronMan's Avatar
    I'm rather confused reading the posting but I'd like to suggest that you do a wipe, trigger an intentional wipe specifically, and then do your restore. Also, try the Advanced Backup/Restore and try restoring just the more important databases to you instead of everything. Sounds like you're in pain though so good luck, I'm pulling for you. I know the pains of a lost BlackBerry.
    06-28-08 03:28 PM
  4. rsmurdoch's Avatar
    go into device manager on your pc and delete the os 4.5 before you try again this was the problem i had after i uninstalled fom my pc it worked fine
    06-28-08 05:47 PM