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    Not sure if everyone has heard but The Royal Canadian Mint is challenging software developers to create apps for MintChip, the evolution of currency.

    Looking through the various apps there are very few that boast full BB support, the current most voted for app does have FULL BB 7 and BB 10 dev support along with Android (IPhone = no NFC, yet). It uses NFC to make payment purchases etc.

    taab | The MintChip Challenge

    Lets get behind these guys for really pushing the BB platform. As I commented if a Canadian software challenge doesn't include BB support it should not even be in the running.

    I have no affiliation with this group/site/software in any way. I just want to get the word out about A the challenge and B this app specifically.

    Have a browse through and make your own decisions on apps, there are more with BB support this one just looks the most complete IMHO.

    There official website http://taab.co/ you can even download app now for BB7.1 and BB10 and Android.
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