1. W Hoa's Avatar
    If these two organizations could get organized over this 'organic' growth idea who knows what might come of it?

    Canada wants RIM organic growth, may have to review handset sale

    Canada wants RIM organic growth, may have to review handset sale
    OTTAWA, Jan 22 (Reuters) - The Canadian government wants BlackBerry maker Research in Motion to continue to be a global leader and grow organically, and Ottawa may have to review a future sale of its handset business, Industry Minister Christian Paradis said on Tuesday.

    "We hope to see RIM remain a global leader and player, and make sure it grows organically," Paradis told Reuters by phone from Germany, where he is meeting with industrial leaders.
    Wong said Lenovoís first priority is to grow organically, though the company wonít hesitate to act if a deal makes sense.
    01-24-13 12:53 PM
  2. Marvin Macabasco's Avatar
    Possibly, Canadian Gov't might only allowed to sell Hardware only but not the software related to security system.
    01-24-13 01:00 PM

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