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    According to the news report, in Canada, researchers developed a new slimmest mobile phone.

    This phone is just like a piece of paper, and the thickness is similar with a credit card. Its touch screen is not glass, but a ultra-thin, foldable “thin film”. This kind of mobile phone can not only take a call, send text message, but also restore e-book and play music, etc. we can also call it “Paper computer”.

    It is reported that the cellphone will be a mainstream product in the market in 5-10 years, and its target is wish to replace the current fashion pet-Apple iPhone. The researchers said it will absolutely displace iPhone. This is unquestioned, and using “paper cell phone is an irresistible trend.”

    From professional iPhone accessories wholesale bluelans.com point of view, we don’t know whether it will replace iPhone or not. What will be the fashion after in the future 5 years? What phone will be most stylish? Only the time will tell us.
    06-09-11 10:38 PM
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    TAT has something similar to this on their website. Check out the video they have about the future of screens(or something along those lines.

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    06-09-11 10:41 PM
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    Well Blackberry will monopolize the Canadian Smartphone Market. This phone looks good for the countries outside Canada. Sure if it has good stuff then that will replace iPhone. The only problem is that this paper phone may not have games and not too many features. Yea I said in the previous sentence it will replace but the barrier is FEATURES

    Blackberry Themes And News

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    06-09-11 11:09 PM
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    If that paper phone screen (likely AMOLED, or the flexible type) was in current touch screen devices, there would be less cracked screens. I wonder what battery life would be like? Maybe it operates on 1 AA battery? Hmm...

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    06-10-11 06:10 PM