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    I had a BB Curve 8530 with my Alltel service in Montana. Couple years ago AT&T bought out Alltell here, but I used the phone for several months with the now-At&T service & it worked.

    Last week I sold the Curve to someone who has AT&T service - assuming it would work for them, as it had worked for me. They just told me they CANT use the phone with their AT&T service because there is no SIM card in it. I thought there was, but don't actually remember, and don't know a lot about BB's except how to text & make calls.

    I told them I would absolutely refund their money if they can't use it, but wanted to do some research first to see if they REALLY couldn't use it, or if maybe they just know as little as I do about such things.

    Why did it work for me on AT&T? Does it really NOT have a SIM card? Can you unlock a phone for use on another network IF there's no SIM card, but the other network uses SIMs?

    Thank you MUCH!!!
    03-30-13 03:06 PM
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    The 8530 is a CDMA only device. It does not have a SIM card slot and cannot be used on AT&T.

    It worked for you because AT&T is managing the CDMA network that it purchased from Alltel (at least until it gets all the users off it).
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    03-30-13 03:11 PM
  3. leah1020's Avatar
    Thank you for the concise & totally easy to understand (and explain to my bummed buyer) answer! I really appreciate it!! I should have researched this BEFORE I sold it, and will be more careful next time!

    Thanks again for taking the time to help me!
    03-30-13 03:29 PM

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