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    Thanks for reply
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    Lets say I'm in a meeting. I can leave my phone on the table away from me
    on standby (black screen) on silent mode. Lets say I get a blinking purple indicator that
    means my wife left me a text message which is probably important. A white
    is a very important email contact and is also important. if
    its any other color green,red or whatever color I set for a specific person
    for then its someone else and can wait for the meeting to be over.
    all these different colors can go on throughout the meeting and I will know
    each and every person that called me while nobody in the meeting has a
    clue that I know my wife left me a text message, my sister sent me a bbm
    and an important business contact left me an email.
    Also the different profile sound settings helps a lot
    04-20-12 10:38 PM
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    Efficient, reliable, prompt email and voice services. If you use Outlook and have a BES server, you will be amazed at how productive you can be without ever sitting at your computer.
    04-20-12 11:00 PM
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    I've summarized the different platforms here. It might not be exactly up to date, but you can still get a feel for the possible reasons.
    There are basically 4 Smart Phone Platforms

    Here is my short list of why I prefer BlackBerry
    Back Button
    Removable Batteries just in case, but generally superior battery life
    I want the best keyboard
    Shortcut Keys if you have a keyboard BB
    Trackpad for precise moving around the screen
    Custom Word Substitution for often used words or phrases
    Standardized ports, unlike iDevices
    Removable SD Card
    Compressed data, uses less, especially important when travelling
    Free internet for my Playbook via Bridge
    Less vendor lock-in, apps can come from a variety of places, accessories cheaper
    BBM is great
    Reliable, Secure, Efficient, Fast email & other text communications
    Syncs wirelessly FAST to my BES and Outlook
    Custom Profiles
    The LED that lets me know I've got something new and need to look at the phone.
    Good speakerphone
    Holster with Sleep mode
    Did I mention, reliable communications?
    04-21-12 02:29 PM