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    I know, i know why get a BB without a data plan. Well, i plan to get a data plan just not for another 2 months. I can get a BB Pearl 8130 for $60 now and figured why not get it and learn the general features and then only have to learn the data/web/email stuff later.

    Well i go to buy it and a sprint rep said they can't activate a Blackberry without a data plan. I currently have a Fair and Flexible Family Plan and like the low bill. I'm not ready to jump to $145/mo (after taxes) right now, but there are no other plans listed with the Sprint Pearl.

    I recall reading in another post that Sprint has to honor current plans until July 15th. To call Sprint CS and they can make honor you current plan. Is this true?

    Is there any other reason a BB wouldn't work with just a regular non-data plan?
    06-20-08 03:07 PM
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    Sorry title should say "Sprint", not Spring.
    06-20-08 03:17 PM
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    I activated mine without a data plan and added one about a week later. Initially you will use a small amount of data during activation so you will end up spending under $1 casual use. Once the phone has been activated and the time passed (2 hours I think) that you have to wait before using it for calls you can turn data service off so that you don't incur any casual use data charges. For some reason eveb when not running apps data is used on occation. I'm clueless as to why. I am not certain if keeping data on during the wait time is critical or not. Once a data plan is active you will automatically receive all the service books and related app icons. At least that is what happened with me.
    06-20-08 05:30 PM
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    I concur with Stoneryno, as that is precisely what I did with my first BB. Get it activate it, use it as a phone. Once you're able to get data, go for it. You'll have truly a whole new device.

    Welcome to CB
    06-20-08 05:38 PM
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    The required data plan might be linked to the low cost of the phone.

    I do know a data plan isn't required to use the BB as a phone only.

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    06-20-08 06:45 PM
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    I wouldn't worry about the data. Get it when you can
    06-20-08 06:49 PM
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    Thanks for the replies. I don't really need the BB at this time, but for $60 why not. I'm kinda worried they may phase out the Pearl since there are so many new BB's already out or on the way (Curve, Bold, Javelin). The Pearl is the right size for me which is why i want to get one.

    I'll have to go back and speak with the Sprint Rep to find out why he says it can't be activated with my current plan. If he gives me guff again i'll make him call Sprint CS and see what they can do.
    06-21-08 08:09 AM
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    Update: Talked to 2 Sprint CS reps and a Tech. They all stated that you cannot activate a Blackberry or any Smartphone without a data plan. I'm beginning to dislike Sprint again. Sure the new plans are great for those that don't mind spending $150 - $200/mo for them. That's not that bad for family plan with all the goodies, but i don't need 1500-unlimited talk minutes that won't get used. Now i have to go from $77/mo (with a 15% discount) to $145/mo (with no discount allowed) just for a BB. It's very irritating. I don't know what to do now.
    06-21-08 02:47 PM
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    I don't recall if you mentioned it. But what is your current plan? You don't have to upgrade to one of the new plans they made if you don't need to. There is the $30 blackberry pack that can be added to old plans. Once I know what plan you currently have I can be of better assistance. Also I'd insist on a delayed addition of the data plan. Let them know you know for a fact that several others have activated without getting a data plan but added it later on.

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    06-22-08 12:22 AM
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    I'm 99% sure you can activate a BlackBerry without a data plan...I've not done it myself yet but I think my coworker did today...even had the internet blocked on the line.
    06-22-08 12:32 AM
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    Another reason sprint cs sucks. All about the money. Had them and hated them. Sorry. But my mom has a pearl through t-mobile without a data plan and had it about a year now still no data. No you don't need a data plan for the pearl you just can't do anything with it lol
    06-22-08 01:58 AM
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    I currently have a Fair and Flexible Family plan that doesn't have data. It's $70/mo plus i have a 15% discount on it.

    I asked several Sprint employees if i had to get a data plan and they said you had to at least get the BB plan. I asked about the Centro and Instinct and they said they wouldn't activate any smartphone without a data plan. This is coming from two Sprint reps at satelite locations, 2 Sprint CS reps on the phone and 1 Sprint Tech Services person. Plus no discounts even on the data share family plans.

    My guess is that Sprint is trying to get everyone onto a higher cost data plan figuring that most won't use it as much as initially thought. Then when people realize they don't need the data plan, they can't switch to a different plan because they have BB's or smartphones and no other plans exist for them. Then they can keep adjusting the data usage limits until you have only 10 mins a day to surf the web and use GPS before they cancel your subscritption.

    I give props to Dan Hesse for being a smart business man, but it pisses me off that Sprint policy makes you have buy a new phone and ditch your smartphone if you want to drop data from your plan.
    06-23-08 07:37 AM
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    Just tell them that ATT will let you have a bb and not purchase a data plan. If they don't care, then go to another company.
    06-23-08 09:21 AM
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    I have the slightly cheaper version of the plan you have and I added the $30 blackberry pack later on after activating my BB. I bought my BB direct from sprint they mailed it to me and I activated it without a data plan.

    If even after insisting activation with a delay on getting the data plan and letting them know other of their customers very recently have activated BBs without getting a dataplan right away, I suppose perhaps you could get the BB you wanted and delay activation when you are ready to get the data plan. Of course this is also assuming your not left without a phone until then. I'd also let them know about what kilted_thrower said about ATT letting people get BBs without data plans if they want.

    I'm assuming all the phones on the plan are members of the family and thus the price isn't split between the people using the phones on the plan. I'm also assuming that you would be the only one interested in having data, texting, email etc type features. I'm trying to figure how best to advise you. If the cost of the bill is shared and others want data, texting, email etc its possible the cost per person sharing the cost would be about the same changing to one of the new plans.

    My brother and I are planning to merge our accounts to the 1500 talk/message/data plan. Him and his girlfriend currently have the family plan you have. My parents and I are on the slightly cheaper family plan. My parents will be paying the same as currently but my brother and his girlfriend will save a good deal since they are also paying extra for unlimited texting on each phone. And I'll have almost $30.
    06-23-08 09:45 AM
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    Yeah, don't know why they would make you get a plan unless it's part of the promotional price with the phone. My sister bought the Curve, but to get the promotional price she had to get a data plan with it. She did and then once she knew her rebate was coming she cancelled the data plan.
    06-23-08 09:57 AM
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    yes you can...but having a BB without a data plan is like having a car but NO KEYS...
    06-23-08 11:01 AM
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    I'm assuming it has something to do with the discounts on the phone that they all say a data plan is a must. I think i'm gonna wait until mid-July now since i've read here and on other Sprint forums that new Shared plans are coming from Sprint next month. We don't plan to use more than the current 800 talk minutes we have otherwise i'd get the 1500 Share plan. Just seems like a waste of money. I'm hoping they have an 800 Share plan coming for less money. It's not really the money, but the principle.

    Ok it's really the money...$80/mo more for the current Share plan ends up being just under a $1000 additional per year. OUCH!
    06-23-08 01:55 PM