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    I have a Bold that has been running smoothly with BES. Syncing perfectly with Outlook (email, contacts, calendar). This past weekend I noticed the contacts weren't syncing anymore. I couldn't figure out why, so I decided to do a wipe/re-actvation.

    10 hours later and many attempts later...here I am.

    I run through the activation process.
    Configure BB with email address and activation password.
    It starts to run through the activation
    Acquiring service connection
    Service connection acquiredactivating 'email address'
    verifying encryption
    encryption verified
    waiting for services
    services received
    you emails address is now enabled

    It sits there for a while.

    Then the blackberry goes to the next screen
    Synchronizing service desktop..
    Calendar Complete

    And from here it just hangs and goes no further.

    At this point I can send and receive emails and the calendar is synced. But no contacts.

    I have left the blackberry sitting like this for hours.
    I have tried activation many many times. Taken battery out. Wiped handheld. Talked with the phone company to make sure BB is provisioned correctly for BES.

    Please someone come up with something!!!
    02-09-09 05:36 PM