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    So I have been using bis on my storm for a few years now and cool I have emails setup I get messages and can send messages cool. Now I get my work phone the curve and its setup with bes to work with the microsoft outlook on my desktop at work and S*** this phone I cant go online to browse th web, and I can't add my other email accounts to the phone like on the bis?? Im confused... can someone please explain how these systems work in laymens terms..lol I know that my work phone when I email or recieve or put calendar app. it shows up on my desktop at work and vise versa.. can someone help and give me the low down.. Thanks! Confused..
    12-30-09 10:36 PM
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    BES can fully control your phone. Your work can put restrictions on the phone like not being able to surf or access some apps. Just do a google search BES vs BIS and you should more technical and specific answers.

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    12-30-09 10:40 PM
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    BES is likely controlled by your companys IT dept. following the same guidelines as work internet useage. BIS is the server for personal users, and whatever you please can be surfed.

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    12-30-09 11:19 PM
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    thanks guys souns like it dep. has a lock on all the cool features..
    12-31-09 11:30 AM