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    If you are indeed interested in knowing the security protocols involved, read this insomnia-break manual:


    There you can find everything related on how the Encryption Keys are generated (unique per device) exchanged with the corporate BES (using SPEKE protocol) and also auto-renewed every 30 days, or on demand by going to Options->Security->Security Status Information->(click on Desktop services)-> (option key)Regenerate Encryption Key (for OS6) in your device. Every device has a unique encryption key and it changes periodically so it is impossible to keep track of them should they be obtained by manual means.

    There is also a way for any corporation to write their own encryption algorithm (RIM Cryptographic API) and implement it on top of BES AES encription (not replaced), so they can be 200% sure that the information is high-securely transmitted.
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    Thanks. Then why does it go through RIM's servers? Seems it could bypass that and still work (unlike BIS) ...
    BES must connect through the Internet and RIM's SRP Network to communicate with the BlackBerry handheld so it can deliver the messages.
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