1. LovelyBones's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    I have been having a lot of trouble with my BB lately. I need to reset it atleast twice a day just to be able to use it without any hassle for a while. The main problems are my phone deletes any new text messages/call history/facebook notifications/e-mails without me requesting it to do so. Also, after it hasn't been reset for a while (maybe a few hours or so) I can't do anything without the eggtimer popping up and freezing my phone for a good few minutes. At first I thought this might be a problem with my memory but after deleting a few applications, clearing internet cache, and other such things, I see that I have plenty of free memory on the phone, but the problem persists.

    I was basically wondering if there was any way for me to completely restore my phone - so it's back to how it was when I first took it out of the box - so I could start over with it, as I am hoping this might be able to help me? Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    11-28-08 01:16 PM
  2. The Blackberry Veteran's Avatar
    Does "wiping the handheld" do that? I know it'll get rid of all the info but it also might reset all the factory defaults. Try a thread search

    Good luck!

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    11-28-08 01:21 PM
  3. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    Yea you just need to wipe it to get it back to the default factory settings.
    11-28-08 01:37 PM
  4. LovelyBones's Avatar
    Thanks. I'll give it a go.
    11-28-08 01:55 PM