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    I'm from Singapore and recently (day before yesterday) bought a Blackberry curve from a Mobile Phone dealer here. It's a T-Mobile blackberry curve and we do not have T-Mobile in Singapore.

    So I downloaded applications OTA and everything and I tried logging into Viigo and it says "A problem occured when trying to create or access your account there might be insufficient wireless coverage or the server maybe be offline for maintenance. Please contact........." and for Google Maps - "Network unavailable: This application requires a data connection and some Blackberry devices require reconfiguration to work properly. Please visit google.co.uk/gmm on your computer for more info."

    Now I'm wondering, is this because the software from T-Mobile is not compatible with my Singapore data plan? I'm with Starhub btw.

    I'm always on EDGE and GPRS and it worked on my old blackberry curve. Just not with this T-Mobile. And I can use the internet on the BB Curve so I'm wondering why it can't work with Data services.

    Sorry for the long post. I'm in a dilemma, and wondering whether I should return the phone for probably half the price. I know I won't get a full refund. Wanted to know if I could fix it myself.
    07-25-08 04:54 AM
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    You need to talk with your provider. I have read that some Asian countries use CDMA. TMobile is a GSM provider. If Singapore is GSM, you'll need to get your phone unlocked and get a data plan with your provider. I'm not sure, but you might be able to jump on a wifi network. Some one here may be able to answer that question.

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    07-25-08 05:51 AM
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    I used my curve in singapore. Is it unlocked? I just used wifi and a prepaid sim card.

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    07-25-08 06:05 AM
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    07-25-08 06:10 AM
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    That answers the GSM part of the question - depending on Kick's provider. You probably need a sim card from your provider to use an unlocked tmobile BB. Otherwise, you should be able to jump on wifi.

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    07-25-08 06:21 AM
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    i just used the sim card the tour guide gave me so my girl could call her brother, it was prepaid
    i didnt look much at it and we only used it a couple of times
    07-25-08 08:16 AM
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    Were you still able to get onto stuff like Viigo and Google Maps? Things that need data plans? Using it is fine, i can sms and call out and go on wifi, but even though I'm connected to the Data service, I cant use any apps.
    07-25-08 09:02 AM