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    Im currently deciding to buy a unlocked blackberry bold 9700and gonna use it on a regular cellphone plan. For internet, i plan on using on ONLY WIFI and not get a data plan for 3G/Edge. However, some people are claiming that blackberries can only be used with a data plan ( internet browsing, facebook, email, ....) So what is the point of having wifi if the internet part of the blackberry can only be used with 3G or Edge. Can anyone confirm that a blackberry can be used without a data plan and still have the same features using wifi? Thanks!!

    And please do not say that whats the point of buying a blackberry without a data plan. This is because i am constantly around wifi ( home, work, everywhere..) and there is absolutely no point in paying $40 or something for nothing. I already decided on not buying a data plan so there is no point in persuading me.

    One simple question
    Will a blackberry bold 9700 work on WIFI without a data plan having the same features as someone with a data plan? ( including internet browsing, push email, using the app world, IM, Facebook, ....and others)
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    Only on TMobile all the other require a data plan so get over it !
    12-30-09 11:08 PM
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    First off, NO, you can get the normal Blackberry email push via wifi. Wifi on the BB will allow you to browse the net same as on a computer. BUt none of the "Blackberry stuff" will work.

    Supposedly, you can somehow activate a non Blackberry/smartphone on ATT and then put your SIM in a BB and be able to do what you want, but I am unsure of the details.

    If ATT were to catch on, they will toss the data plan onto your account. this is what I have heard. I have been searching all of this as well as my mom needs to cut back on her bills since my dad passed away not long ago. I was trying to get her on a Bold with wifi and no data plan. But she WANTS the mail pushed to her phone, and the ONLY way to do that is via a data plan. Having the data plan is the only way to have RIM servers involved I think.

    If I am wrong, I hope someone will correct me!
    12-30-09 11:18 PM
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    I am using a BB 8900 which I got a few days before Christmas and mine runs just fine without a data plan.
    12-30-09 11:25 PM
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    The only thing that will work with Wifi only is the internet. No email, no facebook or any app that uses data, even downloading apps can be a problem. The browser is the only thing that will work.

    I see that your on Rogers, and I don't know how they work. But on Att, they do random system checks, so if you have a BB they will just add the plan for you. So like what was mentioned above, activating a dumb phone then switching the SIM will not work.

    So the answer to your simple question is No.
    12-30-09 11:42 PM
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    On Rogers I'm pretty sure you can use a BlackBerry on wifi but you will only be able to do one thing and that browse the internet slowly. If you do however get a BlackBerry and get a data plan for it, it will work on wifi. The reason is all data used by the phone goes through RIM's servers, that's how the push email works. Get yourself a data plan or get a different phone. This is coming from someone who only had a wap data plan on a blackberry which is useless as I couldn't access email and bbm etc for over a year. Now if you live in Canada and you have coverage by Wind Mobile, I strongly recommend them as your mobile provider. They have some great plans check them out. $35 unlimited talk.

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    12-30-09 11:54 PM
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    you wouldn't get the push mail.
    12-31-09 12:02 AM
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    As others have stated, you won't get Push Email. You also won't get any other BlackBerry Data features including the BlackBerry Browser, App World, BBM, etc. And be aware that many applications (including all the Google apps) will not work over WiFi without a data plan. And you won't be able to install applications OTA.

    To answer the other question in your OP, the "point" of WiFi on a BlackBerry is primarily to be use as a supplement when you are in an area with spotty data coverage.

    But as long as you understand the limitations, you will be able to use the device within those limits.
    12-31-09 07:19 AM
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    Why wouldn't the BB browser work on wifi?

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    12-31-09 07:54 AM
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    Why wouldn't the BB browser work on wifi?

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    Because it's a BB app, which in turn requires a BB data plan.
    12-31-09 08:50 AM
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    There are lots of other phones that fit your needs, have wifi, and do not require an expensive data plan. Why not look at them?
    12-31-09 08:53 AM
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    Because it's a BB app, which in turn requires a BB data plan.
    False information!

    Browser will work using WiFi completely without a data plan. I've been doing it for months.
    12-31-09 09:07 AM
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    False information!

    Browser will work using WiFi completely without a data plan. I've been doing it for months.
    If you had a data plan and looked into options on your browser you would realize that there are 3 browsers on your phone. Hotspot browser, internet browser and some wap carrier browser. The hotspot browser will work on wifi but the real deal is internet browser. Internet browser is much faster, and let's you download stuff like PDFs which the hotspot browser doesn't.

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    12-31-09 10:48 AM
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    It's also false that you can't download themes/apps OTA through wifi without the data plan. I do it all the time. I had a data plan for years and recently cancelled it because I can just walk to a computer to check my email, and all of my apps, etc. work fine without it or through wifi. I can text friends rather than BBM them, too, so it was a waste of $30 a month. Plus, for me the Hotspot browser is just as fast (or lack thereof I suppose lol) as the Internet Explorer browser was. Also, you can add Opera or Bolt to use as browsers rather than hotspot if you don't like it. I downloaded Bolt a while ago and have never looked back.
    12-31-09 02:41 PM
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    Internet Browser faster than Hotspot Browser? Funny how everywhere I see people point that, even over 3G, WiFi is still faster.

    There are plenty alternatives out there for people that want to use a BB without BIS. All you need to do is research what apps you need to get to fill the gap.

    That said, I must add: There is no BBM for WiFI
    12-31-09 04:06 PM