1. hzguo's Avatar
    Cannot wait to get my Blackberry 9900 once it becomes available
    it'll be my first Blackberry device, I decide that I'll use a hosted BES for it, but I have few questions about hosted BES, please take some time and have a look:

    1. If a hosted BES service mentions Microsoft Exchange, is it able to retrieve my Gmail mails, contacts and calender?
    2. Does it require additional setup to let All blackberry Internet traffic go through BES?
    3. Are changes to calendars and contacts automatically synchronized to BES?
    4. Often such hosted BES talks about "Mailbox size", 5GB or 25GB or so, I have 8GB of emails but I don't have much money for 25GB hosting plan, does BES have to have all my emails?
    5. If BES doesn't have all my emails, then how am I able to search for old emails, only though Web browser?
    6. What's my IP gonna look like when using BES, the BES server's IP address?

    thanks a lot indeed I'm almost ready to step into Blackberry family.
    08-02-11 04:48 PM
  2. adrenaline_x's Avatar
    It can gain access to gmail by setting up the account through bis or the gmail mobile app.

    Unless the bes administrators have blocked this access.
    08-02-11 05:02 PM