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    Would somebody smarter than I (not hard to do), please address my perceptions and point out why the following is in err?

    The margin for error on a Blackberry QNX based superphone launch seems bordering on unrealistic. How can this future product launch possibly gain back lost marketshare and live up to the continued piling up of expectations and commentary?

    ---If the hardware is anything less than spectacular to the market leaders, it will be perceived as a failure in the marketplace.

    ---If the implemented QNX os is anything less than hugely superior to the market leaders, it will be received as inadequate or as an incremental upgrade in the marketplace.

    Anybody else feeling queasy?
    08-23-11 04:30 PM
  2. southlander's Avatar
    The new phones are better than most expected, especially the 9900/9930. The PlayBook hardware and the Tablet OS interface/speed got mostly good marks. If there are any universal criticisms, I would say they are that RIM rushed the PB to market and the whole thing was incomplete and lacked apps.

    All RIM has to do is over-deliver a little like they did with the new Bold.

    Make the QNX phones have the solid sleek feel as the PB does, but fill in the holes in functionality, and at least get most of the big name apps on board around launch time. My opinion anyhoo.
    08-23-11 04:38 PM
  3. jebulls's Avatar
    ^^^^^^What he said! Take a phone like 9930 and get the camera situation to compete with competition and then get app market to compete with competitors and we have a winner!!
    08-23-11 07:47 PM
  4. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Who knows. That's my thought. Things will always go up and down, right and left.

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    08-23-11 11:21 PM
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    The other thing to keep in mind is that we already have a pretty good example of how well QNX can work, which is the PlayBook. If you just imagine shrinking the PlayBook to a phone size and adding phone features, that's probably how the new superphones will look. Judging from the general comments of PlayBook owners, the QNX platform is a good one.

    That being said, there is a lot of work to be done to replicate the traditional BB experience on the QNX platform. Version 1 of anything RIM produces is usually underwhelming. So I do tend to agree with you that the first QNX phones probably won't be great. Version 2 or 3 usually kicks a**. If you look at the original candy bar form factor with SureType they were painful to use. But when they came out with the Pearl, it rocked. Then there is the example of the Storm 1 debacle. But Storm 2 had plenty of happy users and now the Torch 9850/60 is getting rave reviews. Even if you go back to the very first BB with a phone, it was a POS. It didn't even have a speaker or microphone. You had to use a headset to use the phone! Of course almost nobody remembers that device because it was so terrible. But the next version after that was a classic BlackBerry that boosted RIM to stardom.

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    08-24-11 03:29 AM