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    I have a BlackBerry Curve 8310 and deleted some photos from it that I am now desperate to get back. I understand that contact details, texts etc. can be recovered, but is this possible for photos? If there is some company out there that can do this, I am willing to pay (as long as it doesn't cost an astronomical amount).
    11-18-09 08:48 AM
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    If the photos were stored on an SD card, you MAY be able to recover them. IMPORTANT: if you want to attempt recovery, do NOT take any more photos or do anything that writes new data (photos, docs, mp3, etc) to the phone - any new data can overwrite the space those photos were in. There are recovery tools from Sandisk and Lexar and 3rd parties that can attempt recovery. There may even be freeware programs. One of the compact flash cards I got for my camera a few years ago included such a tool.

    I'm not sure if carriers can help - it would be nice if they did have the recovery programs available for customers even if they charged.

    If the photos were in the device's internal memory I'm not sure if there is a way to recover them.

    Good luck
    11-18-09 10:34 AM
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    Thanks for your reply. They were on a SIM card, not an SD card. I haven't taken any other photos on the BlackBerry since, though. I just pray there's a solution out there!
    11-18-09 01:52 PM
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    The photos can't be saved to your SIM card. They can be saved to the SD card
    or the device memory. If you maybe mistakingly thought that the photos were
    being saved to your sim card then they were more than likely saved to your device
    memory. And if they were on the device memory and you did a backup within that
    time frame, then those pictures are in that .ipd file if you still have it.

    You wouldn't have to restore that whole file either. You could just use the
    advanced restore option in desktop manager and only restore device
    memory media.

    Warning: Do a full backup first before you try anything with the restore.
    Restoring device memory media will replace what is currently on your
    device memory in your media. That is if there's anything there.
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    11-18-09 01:54 PM
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    Many thanks for the replies! I'll look into these options.
    11-18-09 02:46 PM