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    Actually, you just need a $9 dongle to use your standard earphones - included with iPhone 7. That's it. No need to change mobile platforms. There are also compatible earphones phones included so you can use your new ones or old ones from day one.

    The real switching opportunity is what Galaxy Note customers are going to be doing as they return their recalled smartphones for a full refund without a replacement device of the same caliber. That's really going to boost sales of the new iPhone.
    This will be a real test of how confining an ecosystem is. Do these customers stay with a different Samsung ohone, move to another android device, or go to iOS/Microsoft?

    My general thought is that they will stay within the android ecosystem and pick another manufacturer's device. There was something that caused these people not to buy an iPhone in the first place.

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    09-12-16 08:49 AM
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    Yes all 12 people.
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    09-13-16 07:14 PM
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    They said the same thing about the Apple port.. whatever you call it then the Lightning port.
    BB was early to the game in supporting Standards like SD cards and Mini, then Micro USB. How well did that helped them then?
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    09-13-16 07:17 PM
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