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    I am currently a Win Mobile user and as such, if we talk about customization, I think this is the best OS I have ever used. I have installed apps for today screen customization, so that just with one glance on the screen, I know if I have any email/voicemail/mms waiting, any calls missed, the appointments for the whole day, all tasks listed for the day, reminders coming for each upcoming appointment, control my media playback right from today screen and some other stuff.
    But I am thinking about switching to BB Bold now, and while I love the device, my only concern is I havent seen blackberry doing these things from the basic home screen. So therefore I am seeking advice from you guys - do you think its possible to get all these things from BB-Bold's today's screen using a third party theme or software. All in all, the most important thing that I am looking to get in BB is enabling me to see whole days agenda, add contacts and new appointments quickly, and get frequent reminders, and change phone profiles right from the today's screen - in short I want to implement a getting things done (GTD) for my future BB.
    Can it be made possbile?? Thanks..
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    The BlackBerry homescreen is not as configurable as Windows Mobile and it took me a while to get used to not having my day layed out on my main screen, but I have managed. I came from using Facade and then PocketBreeze. PocketBreeze is my most missed application from WM. I found the BlackBerry Task application to be useless. Of course the same can be said for WM. I'm using ToDoMatrix which isn't a pretty application but does a fantastic job at my Project Management. Hope this helps.

    I also find turning off dialing from the homescreen allows me quicker access to many application through the shortcut keys.

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    The BlackBerry homescreen is not as configurable
    11-22-08 07:50 PM
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    PocketDay is another fine alternative and one I've grown to love as a former winmo user myself

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