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    If i were to be using an FM Transmitter to listen to music, will the Audio from a call be broadcast as well making it easier to hear someone during a call?
    11-11-08 12:26 PM
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    MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth� In-Car Speakerphone - Motorola US

    MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth� In-Car Speakerphone

    The MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth� In-Car Speakerphone and Digital FM Transmitter, enables you to connect a Bluetooth� enabled phone to your car stereo without wires or installation. This portable solution clips to the visor, so that it can be taken from car to car. You can make or take calls hands-free and enjoy your own music via the T505's internal 2-watt speaker or through your car speakers - with the clarity and volume of a car stereo system. Music streams from a compatible Bluetooth� Stereo phone or MP3 player to the MOTOROKR T505, via Bluetooth�. The T505 then wirelessly connects to the FM radio. With the touch of a button, the breakthrough technology of StationFinder™ announces where to tune the FM radio for a clear FM connection. Drivers can also simply use the T505's internal speaker to play their music and calls if they?re in an area where FM transmission is difficult.

    Pretty cool accessory. It clips to the visor, uses Bluetooth and a FM transmitter for tunes and calls.

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    11-11-08 01:42 PM