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    I was travelling overseas recently to the Dominican Republic with an 8220, and I used a prepaid Claro card while there. I had call logging enabled. Unfortunately I deleted an important number for the Call History and Call Log.

    I know there may be a way to get it back by pressing ALT+LGLG from the main screen. I can access the log for the PhoneAPP, but I don't see the "giberish" that the FAQ here mentions where I can find the deleted number. When I click an event such as "app-deac", I don't see anything except the Name, Severity, GUID, and Time. In the notes it simply says "app-deac". There is no gibberish and no number.

    I'm back in the states now and I have even tried to pop in the claro sim card here and same results. To test it I even made a few test calls and deleted some using my T-Mobile sim and I checked the log and the same type of log appears, with no specific details about the number dialed or deleted.

    Normally I would just check my provider's website but Claro doesn't give call r records for prepaid sims.

    Is there a way to expand the detail of in the event log to show the info I need? Or is there a way perhaps the sim card hold the info?
    08-10-11 09:01 AM
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    Nope if the event log is deleted then well its gone from your phone for good. Sorry to hear the news

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    08-10-11 09:52 AM
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    The event log hasn't been deleted but I don't see any detail or code for the specific event.
    08-10-11 09:55 AM
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    Aaahhh I understand. Well I'm not that advanced I'm sorry hope you find your answer

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    08-10-11 11:22 AM