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    So the only threads I see about this are older ones, and it seems that people are sometimes talking about two different things too. And maybe more complaining will get verizon or blackberry or someone else to do something about it...well, probably not, but anyway...

    Just got a Bold 9650 and I notice a background hiss, usually not enough to hinder a call but still annoying. And no, it's not from the screen being on. I know what that sounds like. I have an old alarm clock that is almost destroyed from dropping it on the floor too many times turning it off that does that whiney noise when the indi-glo is on...the noise I have isn't that. It's pretty much the same background hiss that most cell phones have when it's connected to the network, just on my Bold it's more noticable than on my past phones. Which is a shame, because otherwise the deail of calls on the Bold is probably better than any of my past phones.

    According to some of the previous posts it's probably something I'll just have to live with. Just wanted to see if that was still the case or if there's been any developments on something that can be done about it. I've e-mailed Verizon and am going to talk to them tonight, so I'm thinking if they make it easy, I could try out a new one and see if there's any difference (I got it online, so I'm thinking this could be about as fun as root canal), but if they don't make it easy, is a replacement going to be worth it? If I'm probably going to get the same hiss...probably not. I'm thinking this could be a case of the cell phone manufacturers just not focusing on call quality anymore (imagine that, having a phone to make a phone call! Brilliant!), it seems that what I'm complaining about is cropping up on droid and thunderbolt forums too. Or the sound on these phones are getting better, but the cell phone signals are still crap, so even though you hear more detail on a cell phone call, you're hearing more detailed background noise too...grrr. I'm thinking it's the phones myself....but anyway, any info on the hiss problem would be appreciated.
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