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    This is my first post and apologise if I have posted this in the wrong for but I am hoping someone can offer some assistance with an Outlook calendar. I am having problems wirelessly synchronising a large (330Mb/over 2000 items) calendar with a BlackBerry, I have tried with an older 8310 Curve and a newer 8520 but still no success. Both BlackBerry devices are set to retain appointments for 90 days, however, when I synchronise wirelessly it does not synchronise all appointments within those 30 days. This is the same for both BlackBerry devices, when I synchronise via a cable and using the Desktop Manager software all appears to work fine and all appointments are showing. Can anyone offer any advice as to why not all the appointments are synchronised over the air. I am using a BES 4.1 environment. Many Thanks
    04-19-11 08:43 AM