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    I'm having really weird sync problems between DM4.6 and Outlook 2007:
    1). The blackberry is creating a new attendee for all of my meetings. For example, if the invite is for [email protected], the blackberry is adding an attendee of [email protected]
    2). The blackberry is creating a duplicate calendar entry whenever it adds an attendee of [email protected]. But the time of the meeting that is created is off. Sometimes by 1 hour and sometimes by 6 hours.

    For example, I receive an invite in Outlook using [email protected] for 7:30 am. When I sync DM 4.6 with Outlook (my setting is one-way, Outlook to Blackberry), the appointment shows up twice: once at the correct time for calendar [email protected], and once at 6:30 am for calendar [email protected]

    Is this a bug? Does anyone know how to fix this?

    FYI: this is for a Verizon 8830, running


    11-04-08 09:33 AM
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    I've got the same issue...also, all the contacts have been scrambled. The display names have all been switched around.

    Is anyone else seeing this, and have they a solution?
    11-27-08 04:51 AM
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    Uninstall and reinstall Desktop Manager would be a good first step
    11-27-08 05:41 AM
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    I am having a similar issue syncing with Outlook and attendees being modified/look different, however a duplicate appointment is not being created. Here's the scenario:
    1) Perform a sync between Outlook and my BB Bold using the Desktop Manager (v4.6.0.13).
    2) Several appointments on the device and Outlook are indicated as being changed even though no changes have been made to the appointments.
    3) Accept the changes and complete the sync.
    4) Immediately re-sync and the same appointments are flagged as being changed, but this time those appointments flagged as changed on the device during the first sync are flagged as changed on Outlook and vice versa.
    5) View the detailed differences of one appointment and the only difference is how my name appears in the attendee list ("firstname lastname" versus "lastname, firstname MI"). All other attendees appear the same.
    6) Accept the changes and complete the sync.
    7) View that specific appointment on the device and within Outlook and note that on the device my name appears "firstname lastname" while on Outllok it appears "lastname, firstname MI".

    Uh, OK, WTF! It seems as though there is some automatic translation that occurs on the appearance of my name in the attendee list, but that translation isn't being used when detecting changes during a sync. Also, I'm the only attendee whose email address is in my contacts.

    I'm going to try installing the latest version of Desktop Manager and will reply with any results.

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    12-10-08 04:04 PM
  5. anon(1531522)'s Avatar
    I played around a little in Outlook and Desktop Manager and got some interesting results.
    1) I added my middle initial to my contact information in Outlook and performed a sync. Got the same results as before only now my name in the device appointment attendee list appears as first MI lastname. So the device is performing some translation/redisplay based on the contact information
    2) I did some prowling on Blackberry's Support forum and came across this in the Desktop Manager 4.6 User guide on pg. 19:
    "In the advanced settings for address book synchronization, verify that both First Name and Middle Name fields in your organizer
    application are mapped to the First Name field on your BlackBerry� device."
    . So I tried to do that and I couldn't get it to work. There is an option to map the device FirstName/Middlename to the Outlook Nickname, but when you do that it de-maps the Outlook FirstName and MiddleName maps. You then can't save the settings because the FirstName is a mandatory mapping.. AWESOME!

    OK, now it's time to read the Desktop Manager 4.7 release notes and see if they fixed this one.

    12-10-08 04:59 PM