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    Hi All

    Long time reader, first post (!) I'm having a strange issue since updating my Desktop Manager application to version All of a sudden I cannot sync my Outlook 2007 calendar. When I look in the organizer settings it shows "Calendar (not installed)". All the other items (contacts, tasks etc.) sync OK/no problem Before updating the DM all was fine. Other usefull info: the same day (after updating the DM) i updated the OS on my torch to the lastest build from Bell Mobility (.534). I'm not sure if the problem is the DM update or the OS update on the phone itself. I've already done a few battery pulls since the updates were done.

    Thanks in advance for any help. Already leared a lot from these forums!

    05-04-11 10:52 AM
  2. bb93001234's Avatar
    do you have any update on this ? Were you able to fix this ?
    I have the same issue as here.
    05-11-11 05:01 AM
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    Try this for size.
    05-11-11 08:13 AM