1. New2BB11's Avatar
    I think I misspoke when I posted about this previously. I have never had a problem syncing the calendar to outlook until two weeks ago. I thought it was adding everything twice, but I realized it now is showing two calendars, one for hotmail (which I never use and shows up green) and blackberry.net (the only one I use and shows up in blue). I can stop showing the hotmail calendar, yet it's still syncing. I don't understand what happened. I just want it to sync the blackberry calendar. It's a Curve 8330 OS 4.5. Under Default Services, Calendar (CICAL): it did show the hotmail calendar. I switched it to blackberry and synced again but it still didn't work. The hotmail calendar still syncs and shows on phone.

    This is my first berry and this is perplexing. Thanks for any thoughts.
    06-18-10 12:21 PM
  2. blueyestm's Avatar
    delete the hotmail cical service book if you arent using it
    06-18-10 01:05 PM