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    I use Google Sync for calendar events and contacts. I also have my Google calendar open for viewing by about a dozen other people via the Google sharing preferences.

    But there are some personal appointments that are just that - personal. I don't want them visible on the Google calendar. I want them saved only locally on the Berry.

    I thought about searching for a second calendar app and just using that for personal appointments. Any other suggestions?
    01-28-10 01:58 PM
  2. LuvMyBB's Avatar
    Why don't you just add another calendar in Google and not make it public/shared? You can add as many calendars as you want in the same gmail account.
    01-28-10 10:53 PM
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    Make the entries you don't wish to be viewed 'Mark as Private' entries. They will be blocked off timewise in your Calendar on your BlackBerry , but no details will show up in your Google Calendar. You can test this by setting up an entry, then sync, and view the results, if you wish.

    The nice thing is, you can go in, adjust the Calendar entries already made, mark them as Private, do a fresh Sync, and the entries will disappear from your public calendar.

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    01-28-10 11:15 PM
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    Thanks BK! I'll give that a try....
    01-29-10 08:58 AM