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    I suppose this would fall under the OCD category but those of you that are in that camp or like things neat and tidy can understand what I am looking to do.

    It's probably a simple fix but I can't seem to figure it out. On my Tour 9630 I set up my calendar to show appointments from 8am - 5pm and I would put my tasks for the day on my calendar under "all day event" so they would be at the top. I would scroll on the day and my talks would be listed nice and neat at the top and my first appointment would show starting at 8am. Nice and neat for me and the way I like it.

    I upgraded to a Bold (love it so far by the way with a few minor exceptions) and noticed the calendar is much different. I can't seem to "lock out" time before 8am and after 5pm and when I go on a date I have to scroll through the wee hours to get to the top to see my tasks. Yes, they do show up and say 1 of 6 or whatever and alternate views but I don't like that. I like them listed one by one and I don't want to scroll to the top and have to pass 7am, 6am, 5am, etc to get there.

    I've gone to Calendar Options and looked in General Calendar Options under Formatting and View and even though it lists start of day (I put 8am) it doesn't lock out the times before 8am - it simply greys them out.

    My old Tour locked them out unless I manually put a meeting time in before those hours and then it showed up.

    Is it one of those things I need to live with or is there a fix that I am not seeing?

    Thank you.
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    08-05-12 04:23 PM
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    It's one of those things you'll unfortunately have to learn to live with.
    you get to pick when your day starts in the view, but you can't remove the other times
    08-05-12 04:32 PM
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    It's weird but with the exception of the browser, I loved OS5. More than OS7 for things like that! And I too loved the calendar like that. It was great!

    Maybe when my 9650 comes through I'll keep it on OS5
    08-06-12 12:41 PM
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    Have you tried the "agenda" view? It's the only one I use. It only lists what you have booked for the day, starting with the all-day events.
    08-06-12 12:48 PM
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    I tried agenda view and it's an alternative but I still like the day view with times locked like in the previous version.

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    08-06-12 08:51 PM