1. jskinvest's Avatar
    My BB calendar is not syncing with Outlook 2007. This has happened since I updated all of my applications. One fix is to delete all the Calendars in service books but I do not want to do that. Any other ideas?
    10-27-09 10:52 PM
  2. Sandman333's Avatar
    I've had this same problem just recently on my 8830 WE, but I might have found the solution. Basically, I had not synced it with a computer for some time, because my laptop hard drive self destructed and I was too lazy to set up outlook again after I got it repaired. So, there were TONS of updates for my BB when I plugged it in. After that, it would not pull the future appointments off my calendar and into outlook. However, I could now make appointments on either and they would get synced over. Strange.

    So, I was messing around with the settings and under

    Options/Advanced Options/Default Services

    There are two entries, Calendar (CICAL) and Messaging (CMIME). I have two email addresses on my BB. Lets call them A and B. The calendar was set to B, when the only email I have set up on Outlook right now is A. I changed it, but haven't been able to try it to see if my old future appointments on the BB get pushed to Outlook now. I'm guessing they will. Check it and see if that isn't also your problem.
    10-28-09 03:33 AM
  3. jskinvest's Avatar
    Thank you...that was it!!! My default ICAL email did not match my default email on Outlook. And, like you, I had updated a ton of apps on one day. I changed the default to match outlook and everything is fine.

    Thanks again.
    10-28-09 06:22 AM