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    Hoepfully I'm in the right forum for this..

    We are having periodic issues with calendar entries being properly processed between Notes and a Blackberry Bold that has moved beyond annoying, and is becoming a problem for one of our execs.

    This person lives on her blackberry, and the calendar. If something is not on the calendar, she will forgot she has scheduled or accepted a meeting, even if she did it just 10 minutes before. She has missed some rather important meetings because an entry is not being displayed on one of the systems.

    She will accept a meeting invite, mostly a reschedule, cancelation or a re-invite to a meeting she previously declined. And it will be added to the only one of her calendars (Notes or Blackberry) and not always from the system she accepted the meeting from.

    Whenever we can get her bb from her to test it, we cannot replicate the problem in any fashion using new meeting requests. So, at this point, I am split on possibilities user error (she types on the bb faster than a teenager can text) or problems with the specific meeting documents.

    Unless we can verify that it is the documents, it will be unlikely she will accept the idea that all future meetings will need to be deleted and re-created. The same with user errors, how can we prove it is something she is doing?

    Right now, both our Domino and BPS server are set to normal debug levels and we are seeing no errors. What I would like to be able to see in detail is WHEN she opened and accepted/declined a meeting, from WHICH device (Notes/bb) and if there is any issues with the meeting documents. If she is getting errors only when she processes meetings on the bb, how is she doing it? Is this level of logging possible, and if so how do I turn it on?

    Any other ideas?

    Other users have had an issue or two with a meeting not replicating from the phone back to notes, but these have been rare per user, and easily dismissible as a fluke.

    A few details which may or may not be playing a part in this
    Our environment:
    Domino 8.5.1 FP2
    BB Bold 9630
    BB Curves 8520
    BB Policy is the default policy settings

    - Most, but not all, of the errors are occurring from rescheduled reoccurring meetings. In some cases she is the chair, in others not.
    - The reoccurring meetings are scheduled 1 year out

    - The exec in question is on Notes 8.5, using the Mail85Standard template
    - The person she has the most problems with calendar issues is on Notes 7, using the iNotes6 template
    - Both mail files are on the Domino 8.5.1 server.

    - The exec has several location documents in Notes to change her Internet email address on outbound emails. The portion that specifies her Notes mail locations and details are the same in all locations.
    - Would this come into play in processing meetings? If so, wouldnt we see a lot of dead mail?
    06-22-10 08:38 AM
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    The problem may be on the Domino side. I can't remember the exact problem, but there is/was a bug with reoccurring meetings when changing Domino server versions I know I saw it at a client site when they went directly from Domino 5 to 7, reoccurring meetings would sometimes get "lost". It was also more common with rescheduled meetings. The only solution that IBM could come up with was to recreate all the reoccurring meetings using Notes/Domino 7. I think that worked but that "issue" wasn't my direct concern, so I'm not sure if it did.

    Sorry I can't give you a better answer, but a worthwhile experiment might be to have the exec recreate a meeting she is the chair of and see what happens.
    06-22-10 10:04 AM
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    Thanks for the reply Tiassa.

    I finally found the sequence of events that were causing this. It occurs when a person was removed and re-added from a meeting. We had exec who figured out this work around on our old bbs, as declining a meeting prevented the user from receiving any new reschedule info. With the new details, I opened a new thred here:
    06-22-10 06:49 PM