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    I have two BIS based phones,different numbers,but they share the same two e-mail addresses,one carrier based and one googlemail.
    I often send calendar entries,no pictures involved,from one to the other.My carrier has started to bill me as if they are MMS messages,but they are just text.
    When you push "send" on the phone,it says on the screen-"switching to SMS mode".What technical aspect is being activated for them to calling it an MMS?
    Apologies the post is so long winded,but it's hard to get across without the detail.
    Any input appreciated.
    04-29-12 10:12 AM
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    It sounds like it is "switching to SMS mode" AFTER the message has sent which would indicate that the message is being sent as MMS. (Perhaps due to length or special characters? Or the "calendar entries" being an attachment?)

    Go into the SMS options and change the setting for "Send Text-Only Message as" to "Always SMS".
    04-29-12 10:31 AM
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    Thanks for that suggestion,I'm giving that a try.
    In trying to sort this matter out with my carrier's billing department,and myself,I sent a calendar entry,they are just reminders of jobs,birthdays etc,to myself,bypassing the SMS mode,and using the g-mail address.This arrived as an attachment,as a picture would,but "the device cannot open it" was the result when you tried to view it.
    I've never knowingly sent an MMS in my life.As the entries are SMS to me,I assumed they would be in my text allowance;as an MMS,they charge 10p,which I'd like to avoid.Their suggestion was,until resolved,stop sending them;one way out,I suppose.
    Many thanks again.

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    04-29-12 12:31 PM
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    If you sent a message (other an an email message) "with an attachment", then you sent an MMS (knowingly or not). (This is not a billing error as you intentionally sent the messages.)

    SMS cannot have "attachments".
    04-29-12 12:59 PM
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    This is why I'm confused,and my carrier as well.

    I understand what you're saying but,it was "the phone" that made it an attachment,not me.I sent the entry as I've sent loads of others,but instead of selecting "send as text message",I selected one of my e-mail addresses in the "send by" line.The text was the same as it usually is:example-"job starts May 02nd".That was it.The method,or whatever,made it an attachment,not me.
    If anything,using that e-address,it should be an e-mail,not an MMS.That text was not displayed as normal,it was in an attachment box;the e-mail page was blank.
    There must be some link between the calendar menu options and a simple line of text being "converted" to an MMS.On the account,it lists 51MMS but,my carrier charged them at their text message rate.This is what first alerted me to the confusion that at present is unresolved,as they themselves have yet to solve it.
    I have been told their BlackBerry 'expert' will contact me,and will possibly have an answer.
    I'm not confident;he might be better accessing this site.
    Thanks again for your help.

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    04-29-12 03:06 PM
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    Selecting "Send as Text Message" in the Calendar will send it as an MMS no matter if you select a phone number or an email address.

    In the new device OS, "text messaging" refers to both SMS and MMS. And as stated before, SMS cannot have attachments.

    To avoid this, you need to choose "Invite Attendee" from the message and select an email address. Or you need to just type the text in the text message.

    But using the method you are using, you are going to continue to get charged.
    04-29-12 03:17 PM
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    Ok:now we're getting somewhere.
    I have stated in another thread that technically I am not up to speed,as you obviously are.I assume you are referring to the os7 system,with your mention of "text messaging" encompassing MMS as well.
    This post is from a 9900,but the majority of the entries sent are from a 9780 to the 9900.I'll assume your assertion would still apply.
    When the "entry" appears on the 9900 it says it's a text message from me,but it is seperate from the text message box,and does not appear in that list.You open it,and "add to calendar" is an option,and that's it.
    I will use your information in my ongoing discussion with the carrier.Do you believe that "invite attendee" option will enable me to avoid a charge,as phone to phone on the same carrier is normally free?

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    04-29-12 04:01 PM
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    Again, "text messaging" includes both SMS and MMS. So even if is in your "Text Messages" folder on your BlackBerry, it could be an MMS or an SMS and not strictly "text only". MMS is not just for "pictures".

    SMS cannot have an attachment. If you have a message (that isn't an email message) that has an attachment, it's an MMS whether you intend that or not.

    If you use the "Invite Attendee" feature and select an email address, it will not be sent at MMS. It will be sent as an email. Whether or not that is "normally free" is not something I can attest to.
    04-29-12 04:07 PM
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    Well,I'll leave it at that.'SwitchBeach',hopefully,you've done,in a few posts,what many e-mails had failed to do-namely,give me an explanation I can at least begin to understand.

    I will utilise your instructions,and hope to keep MMS off my account list:cheers.

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    04-29-12 05:46 PM
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    I'm disappointed;even using the "invite attendee" option,and selecting an e-mail address,this is the way I'd described before in an earlier post that turns it into an MMS,and tells you it is one.It arrives,with my carrier anyway,as an MMS.

    This may be of course,because the phones share the same e-mail addresses,I don't know.

    Anyway,for the time being,back to the drawing board.

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    04-29-12 09:44 PM