1. Arthurbrigades's Avatar
    Hello- My 8310 Curve has been a trooper for two years. Occasional little snafus, but nothing like this: My calendar suddenly said today is Wednesday, July 8. So I went to 'Settings' then to 'Options' then to 'Date/Time.' Once there I reset the day,date, year, and time to the correct numbers, then hit 'Save.' When I did this the screen went blank, the red LED began to flash, and it went under for a couple of minutes the way it does when I do a battery pop-out/reboot. When it came back to life the date was October something in 2012. So I did it again, and again...each time a new (wrong) date displayed on the desktop and on the calendar. I plugged into my pc to see if syncing would correct it, and the pc wouldn't even connect/recognize the BB. In addition, when I click 'go-to date' and enter today's date, my appointments are not displaying. They are all on my pc's Outlook calendar still, but I'm feeling queasy. Anyone have guidance? Thx
    08-27-09 09:45 AM
  2. zhubajie's Avatar
    maybe u can call ur device's service dep...
    good luck.
    08-27-09 10:31 AM