1. anon(98566)'s Avatar
    On my 8530, I've been using "default" as my calendar. I have two e-mail accounts, but deleted the service books for each e-mail's CICAL entry. I did this in purpose, because I don't send meeting requests via email, and I didn't want to mess with managing two calendars on my BB.

    Today, I setup a BB group for work. Now, all of a sudden, several of my appointments now show up on my "Groups" calendar. If I go into the appt., the "Send Using" option is changed to BBGroups, but cannot be changed. Remaining appointments are assigned to my "default" calendar. I can select to view either or both calendars.

    I'd like to just delete the BBGroups calendar. I checked my default services, but calendars aren't listed, only Messaging (CMIME).

    I looked at my service books, but there is no BBGroups service book. In fact, there are no CICAL service books at all (which is why my appointments have defaulted to "default".

    All new calendar entries default to BBGroups now (I was just going to delete the corrupted entries and re-enter them). I can't pick "default" anymore as my send using method.

    Any thoughts?
    04-28-10 08:18 PM
  2. anon(98566)'s Avatar
    After further digging, it appears there is no way to delete the BB Groups calendar, without wiping your device.

    I wish RIM would create a simpler method of deleting a calendar (without dealing with service books), especially the damned BB Groups calendar. What a PITA.

    A system wipe later, I'm back to square one. Time to reload some apps.
    04-28-10 11:48 PM