1. alb123's Avatar
    All of a sudden my calendar is behaving strangely...

    When a Calendar notification sounds, the window pops up like normally. I can choose Open of Dismiss like normally. Whichever I choose, the audio continues to play. I cant silence it. Pressing keys doesn't do it. The hangup/end call button doesn't do it. Hitting the volume up&down key(s) doesn't silence it.

    I also noticed that if i edit any calendar entry, the device now vibrates. If I create a new calendar entry, the device vibrates. I've checked my profile(s) - nothing is set to vibrate in there. My alarm worked perfectly up until about 1 hour ago.

    I've tried numerous battery pulls...Switching/editing profiles. Turning notifications on/off. I am stumped!!

    Any suggestions? I really do not want to wipe my device...

    10-23-09 03:39 PM
  2. mkurz12's Avatar
    I have been having calendar issues myself. After my alarm goes off the calendar app opens automatically. It started happening out fo no where.
    Also, I don't have alarms or taks set to show in my calendar.

    I did battery pulls and haven't dl'd any new apps in at least a month. As a matter of fact I got rid of about 5 apps over the last month.

    Definitley annoying but it does force me to get up with the alarm apposed to hitting the snooze...because I have to back out fo the calendar, open up the clock app and then re set the alarm for 15minutes later if I want to snooze.
    10-23-09 03:45 PM