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    Finally back to blackberry (Bold) from my iphone and could not be happier. With my iphone I used Mobile ME to sync my addresses and cal, etc. I also use a Macbook. Now I started using ical and reg email but recently switched to using Entourage. I was trying to get everything set up for when my Blackberry arrived (clean out the unwanted address, etc) and when I was done with address book I went to my Entourage Calander and it was gone, the whole thing is empty.

    Sorry to ramble but I guess what I am asking is if you use a mac or know mac, what do you sync your Blackberry with? I am a Gmail user for years now and I thought about making sure that my address book is on point and start using google calander and google sync? Anyone have any experience with this, is it good or bad? I just want to find something that works the best because I just lost a bunch of dates on my Entourage calander, because once it vanished, it also left mobile me. So any suggestions ( iCal, Entourage, Google Cal, google sync) Oh one more questions, it has been a few years since I used a BB so I am relearning, I don't remember how to get your screen to have the list instead of the icons, or if you could tell me what it is called, I can search the forum. Thank you for your help
    12-12-09 07:50 AM