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    My calendar works 95% of the time. Sometimes there will be meetings on the phone, but they aren't on the Outlook 2007 calendar. Sometimes there will be meetings on the Outlook 2007 calendar, but not on the phone. I have many phones. The problem has been reported on the 8320, but also on the Bold 9000.

    I have Blackberry Enterprise running on my Windows 2003 DC. It talks to my Exchange 2007 on Win2003 server. Everything is fully patched. I have 22 BB users.

    I can't duplicate the problem. I have setup three laptops and created, changed, and canceled many meetings, but I had not luck duplicating.

    The current ticket has been open with BB for over two months, but I have opened other tickets before that.

    BB had me upgrade from Professional to Enterprise to fix it, but that didn't help. I've made changes and installed extra things. Nothing ever works.

    BB claims they don't see anything in the logs. I tried escalating, but I haven't gotten anywhere. It is common for people to not call me back or respond to emails. Yes, I have paid support.

    Now, BB says the problem is caused by Outlook's cache mode. My CEO said he never had to turn off cache mode when he used it at Yahoo. I told BB that turned off cache mode isn't an option. I don't like telling my CEO, "you can't use Outlook on a plane anymore, if you want to use a Blackberry."

    Are the admins out there running large BB infrastructures and requiring all the laptops have Outlook caching disabled?? Will this really fix the problem?
    07-13-09 07:02 PM
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    Cache Mode = Nightmare

    I realize some people use it and have no problems. In general it causes far more problems then it fixes.
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    07-13-09 09:09 PM