1. jordandrews90's Avatar
    Hey hope this wasn't posted already, but when I went out today to see the Z10 I went to future shop and they had 2 working units, and 2 dummy units with their own little display. The working demo units only had sort of a presentation mode, they'd let you try out individual features and teach you about it. Ofcourse I'm on Crackberry every day so I didn't wanna be told what to look at lol When I tried to swipe up nothing happened, and I found an X in the top left corner but when I clicked it, it asked me for a password.

    SO, to get around this all you need to do is hold down the centre rocker button (to open voice control) and then just swipe up and you can actually look around the phone

    I am a little shocked they are trying to only let you view the demo's, because you don't get to see or play around with the live tiles(is that the official name?) or even app grids.

    Some other things, well first of all, I LOVE it It's so nice and smooth, the browser was super fast, it was definitely faster than my playbook. And while I was playing for it for like half an hour, 2 other guys seperatly came to play around with it. The first one bought a black one They both said it was pretty cool, and we were playing around with the camera and even voice control (which worked great even in the middle of Future Shop). Then I ended up going to the mall, and while I was walking by The Source, Bell, Rogers, Virgin and Koodo, ALL of the demo units were being used usually with a salesman there talking to the customer. So that's nice to see.

    Now that the stock is up maybe I'll actually have money to buy one! lol
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    02-05-13 12:38 PM
  2. Double_J75's Avatar
    Good tip cuz I had to ask the employee to unlock it.
    02-05-13 12:50 PM
  3. JMM2013A's Avatar
    I also found that way to bypass the demo, I just wanted to show off some features to my mother and the demo was just in my way, BlackBerry needs to fix demo mode so more people can play around with the device without affecting anything.
    07-22-13 10:48 PM
  4. DINGSTER1's Avatar
    I was playing with a Q yesterday in the store, I typed in "instoredemo" and got out of demo mode. This was a smaller corporate store so the phones were live, with no zip ties. I also updated the Q while I was there just for giggles...
    07-23-13 07:51 AM

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