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    I found these statistics interesting so I decided to share. The department I work in (within a healthcare facility), where I coordinate and maintain smartphones, switched from all BlackBerry to BYOD about a year ago. This screenshot shows which platforms our staff have opted to use and BlackBerry still holds a dominant second position in the rankings. This makes me happy.

    BYOD Device Statistics-byod_percentages.jpg
    03-21-14 12:28 PM
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    Which screenshot? ;-)
    Sorry,couldn't see that! My bad!
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    03-21-14 12:40 PM
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    Could the 71 come from older phones that were employer supplied? Possibly in Canada ?

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    03-21-14 01:58 PM
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    We need to know the location and maybe some figures from the past few months/years so we can see trends (aside from the clear trend that "they used to be all BlackBerry and now they aren't"). As mentioned above, these BlackBerry devices could just be remaining company-issued stragglers (and they just can't be bothered with looking for new or going through the change).

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    03-21-14 02:09 PM
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    Sorry for the delay responding... I'm in Cincinnati OH and our healthcare department switched from corporate-owned BlackBerry devices (97xx series or 8520) to BYOD in January 2013. If users were interested in waiting for BlackBerry 10 to debut, then they were allowed to keep their corporate BlackBerry device but attach it to a personal line until BB10 was launched.

    None of our devices remain corporate-owned, at this point, except for two Q10s that are carried by whomever is currently working the active shift of 24x7 nursing teams and those devices are not included in the statistics I provided, which encompass BYOD users only. A few individuals in the BlackBerry contingency did choose to purchase a 9900 rather than move to BlackBerry 10 because the US carriers took longer than expected to bring on the Q10 and they insisted on the physical keyboard. Of the 71 BYOD BlackBerry devices, four are 9900s. The remainder are BlackBerry 10 devices.
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    03-25-14 07:43 AM
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    Quite interesting and definetly nice to read that

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    03-25-14 09:49 AM

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