1. westcoastlove's Avatar
    it seems some people don't like to buy a phone with a 2-contract, but rather pay more and buy the phone outright from ebay, etc.

    what is the advantage of this since you can unlock the phone even if it's on 2-year contract right?

    seems like the only advantage is if you want to use a different phone/sell it then you can do that before the 2 years. Am I right? any other advantages to buying a phone outright?
    10-08-11 03:48 AM
  2. mark-d's Avatar
    I worked it out that to buy a brand new BB 9900 was 549 plus 20 per month for a SIM only plan with BIS. This works out more expensive than paying the 31 per month for the free phone and service+BIS for 24 months.

    The advantage though is that with the rate phones are upgraded now anyone buying into a two year contract will have an outdated phone half way through thier contract. By buying the phone outright you can chose yourself when you want to upgrade and always have the option of selling the phone to purchase it's replacement.

    The whole concept of the 24 month contract is a rip-off in my opinion.
    10-08-11 06:45 AM
  3. habs_fan's Avatar
    In Canada we have 36 month contracts, so be happy with just 24

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    10-08-11 10:07 AM
  4. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    I think most people that buy outright w/o a contract that are lucky enough to AFFORD the steep price is becaus e that latest and gretest comes out and they want it sso they buy it.

    Also I was looking on a site the other day on what ALL previous iPhones are selling for as opposed to BBs and if you saw the prices you could sell an iPhone for in dame near prisine condition with box and cords it would blow your mind, Double or more than what they paid for them new on contract so they sell the old one or present one, but a new one and still are ahead.

    I was given an iPhone 3g from a friend who bought an iPhone 4 and i could use it as an ipod touch and at home on WIFI for the apps so it was cool. It was an 8gb he paid new $149.00 from AT&T on contract and when he told me if I wanted to sell it go for it, i am not kidding... I got $371.00 for it and they paid the shipping, a company in New york City, went right into my Paypal acct within 3 days.
    10-08-11 04:21 PM
  5. Pearldude's Avatar
    I prefer to buy outright and have a pay and go SIM. As far as contracts are concerned I'm not keen on longer than twelve months. I signed my first ever contract for my 9900 because it was just too costly to buy the device outright. I managed to get a twelve month deal by shopping around and my device was unlocked from new. After my contract is up I can sell on the device easily and upgrade again( hopefully to a BBX device by next year!) The main advantages of owning your phone and having it unlocked is it will go on any network you choose( ideal if you have a pay and go Blackberry), you can sell it on easily when you feel like upgrading and not have to upgrade when your carrier decides to let you. The only downside is the high cost of a high end device these days. I think thats why carriers lock you in to 2 or 3 year contracts if they can because otherwise they couldn't afford to subsidise a free device on a short contract.
    10-08-11 05:47 PM