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    Hi there8-)

    I want to buy a BlackBerry Storm 9530 Touchscreen I really like the look of this little phone.

    My problem is I live in Portugal, I want to buy in the UK or us and I will be travelling to South Africa for about a year. Three countries in a space of a year. I would like my blackberry to be able to work in South Africa, and Portugal.

    Can this be done and if so how do I go about it and is this the best kind of option for me.

    I will be changing my portuguese number to a South african number but I want to be able to check my portuguese number from time to time to be able to maintain my contacts.

    I was all ready to go and purchase one today but thought to check with you gyes first.

    Thanks all help appreciated....


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    Any unlocked blackberry will do that for you, you even can get sim free phone like what we have in our market, I live in the middleeast btw.

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