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    I did read through quite a few threads upon searching, and I've learned quite a bit, but my questions have not yet been answered.

    I recently purchased an 8330 as my personal mobile, and I would like to use it to receive work email/calendar data. This is my first mobile with email or data support. I don't know all of the terminology or even what the limitations are here. I am also getting used to some of the more advanced features in Outlook.

    I have an inbox set up for my GMail account on the phone and I have all of the personal contacts from my previous phone, which was a "normal" cell phone with no email or data support.

    What is the best way to set up the phone to:
    - Receive work email in a separate inbox via exchange server?
    - Receive Calendar data from the exchange server?

    Is it also possible to:
    - Pull personal contacts FROM phone TO Outlook on personal laptop, and then continue to sync these? I've never kept my personal contacts anywhere other than on the phone
    - Sync selectively with two PC's? Such as pull calendar data and SOME contacts from one account, and other data/contacts from another?

    Any answers or insight is much appreciated! I'm totally new to this. Thanks in advance!
    05-28-09 07:37 PM
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    Oh, as an additional - I would rather not set up work email through BES, but I do have webmail access if this makes any difference.

    Thanks again
    05-28-09 07:39 PM
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    To set up your work email on the device through the exchange server, follow the steps in this thread, keeping in mind that some companies do no allow access in this manner:


    As for the rest, most of the functionality you are looking for (wireless calendar sync, etc) would need BES to accomplish.

    As far as the sync from BB to laptop, you can accomplish this through Desktop Manager.
    05-28-09 07:47 PM