1. dgjackson40's Avatar
    I was in the office library earlier today doing a bit of reading and saw the following excerpt from an article in the Sept 2011 “Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine”. The article was by Bob Rob and was titled “When the Wind Blows”. I thought it interesting seeing Crackberry’s referenced here!

    “On the third morning of the hunt, I got out of bed at 3:15 am, and poked my nose out the window. The wind was blowing at least 30 mph, and it was raining sideways. Soon everyone was up and we made a quick check on somebody’s Crackberry: Tornado warning in effect. Back to bed!”

    Which one of you folks was this???
    06-10-13 02:25 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    i think they are referring to the device and not the forum lol
    06-10-13 03:02 PM

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