1. psc58's Avatar
    I recently bought a Pay Monthly sim from Vodafone.

    Part of the package is 750MB BT Openzone internet, but i have no idea how to log in to it! I've logged into my account on the Vodafone website, this is what it says to do.

    Now you’ve registered for My account, you can use BT Openzone Wi-Fi without any extra charges if the service is included in your price plan. Here’s how :

    • Open your phone’s browser when you’re in a place with Wi-Fi access.

    • Select BT Openzone if you see it in the list of hotspots.

    • Choose the Vodafone logo.

    • Login using your My account username and password.

    What i've been doing is searching for networks, but then there's BT Openzone, BT Openzone-H, and BTFON. Which am i supposed to use?
    When i do select one the WiFi logo is faded and there's a "-" instad of a green tick on the Manage Connections screen.

    Sorry if this has been brought up before, it's just very frustrating!
    08-20-11 05:21 AM