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    I use at home a pretty nice logitech dinovo BT keyboard. Want to use it on my BB. It will register as a device but asks for a code. Tried the 0000 but a no go.
    Went to store and found 2 tiny BT keyboards, both said for smart phones, ipad, or win pc.

    Tried both and ran into same problem with the code, or whatever it was called. Sorry I forgot. One keyboard also mentioned using 0 or 0000 but both would not work.

    Is this something I dont have activated on my phone, or could an app fix this. I have large fingers and its uncomfortable to type out long sentences, I wouldnt mind having in the area one of those smaller BT keyboards I could get out for longer communications.

    Sadly I didnt write down the brands of the 2 keyboards I tried. I may be able to look up later if its really needed, I dont think that matters as ive now tried 3 different brands with no luck. How different can they be?

    I would also use a wired one if I had to, if there is such a thing

    any help with my logitech I have on hand or any guaranteed keyboards that work so I dont have to keep wasting time trying out ones that dont work.

    I have the 8500 series virgin mobile if that matters

    ive paried 2 ear pieces no problems
    05-16-11 10:03 PM