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    Hey folks,
    I have been dealing with this weird problem the last couple days and have tried nearly everything I could look up short of completely wiping my device. The problem is this: my browser only works on wifi.

    This is my Bold 9650, OS Verizon. All other internet activity over the cellular network is just fine, such as this app (tapatalk), or even the Opera browser (which I really don't care for.) I have reset my HRT, resent service books, battery pull, cleared all cache, cookies, etc. BIS is active and a-ok. I have no idea why this suddenly happened. The browser just sits blank at "requesting" until it gives up. If I connect to my home wifi, the stock browser starts working fine until I disconnect. Since this isn't good ol' OS 5 I see no options to switch between hotspot and internet browser. Any ideas? Not having my browser is making me miserable not to mention i'm one of those weird people that only get sick in the summer instead of the winter so i've got a nasty head cold going on besides

    Thank you.

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