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    firstly I just want to say that I'm struggling to find proper clarification using the forums,

    this issue has been discussed a lot - but I'd like to get some proper clarification based on my slightly unique situation.

    1. I have a Blackberry.

    2. I have a Blackberry Internet Service plan

    3. I live in a country where cellular carriers are much like little children - just richer.

    I am completely dissatisfied with the level of service provided to Blackberry users in South Africa - as are much South Africans.

    I have a Blackberry, with a BIS plan - but I tend to avoid browsing on my Blackberry. BIS is way too slow in South Africa - and the carriers don't give a damn. They continue to provide a service which seriously struggles with regard to latency and this has a serious impact on reliability. Using my Blackberry over BIS, I could visit www.msn.com - and the page will load in 15 seconds - this is on a good day. Tomorrow - things could be different, instead of 15 seconds, it would take up to a minute. Bad day - this is the usual - bad days for BIS are about 70%.

    I can't say the same for direct 3G (bypassing BIS) - direct 3G is quick and very much more reliable than BIS in South Africa. So here's the question:

    Is it possible, with my Blackberry and my BIS plan - to operate the browser in a way that it bypasses the BIS proxy - and instead operates over direct 3G? Obviously the BIS plan stays, for BBM, E-mail, the AppWorld and whatnot - some things are completely BIS-dependent (and this is a good thing of course).

    I would prefer a solution that allows me to use the original Blackberry Browser, not something like Opera Mini or any other third-party browser. I want the Blackberry Browser, to bypass my BIS - and utilize separately billable 3G data directly from my carrier.

    I'm looking at this also from a perspective of early-adopting Blackberry 10. I've been following the advances of the operating system - and I find that the operating system they've taken their time to perfect - is an amazing step for mobile platform development. In my opinion, from what I've witnessed - Blackberry 10 was tailored not for the mobile phone - it was tailored for the human being. Bezel-touch gestures being the most important development for me. It works absolutely fantastic for the Playbook - I can just imagine how much quicker it will make my life implemented on a mobile phone.

    11-11-12 11:11 AM
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    A simple search would have answered your questions.

    11-12-12 04:25 AM
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    My my... "A simple search would have answered your questions."

    Here comes the "Crackberry Abuser" to solve the mystery of the concerns raised in my post.

    You're a real star...or perhaps - if your read my post more carefully - you wouldn't have resorted to providing such an ill-thought-out response.

    The thread you linked to does not cover what I am trying to achieve. Your thread simply advises on what type of connectivity would be possible without getting a BIS plan.

    My thread (once again if you read more carefully) concerns whether I will be able to KEEP MY BIS PLAN - but at the same time use the default browser outside the parameters of the plan.

    In other words - be on BIS but allow the Blackberry Browser to browse through direct 3G.

    Must I make myself any clearer?
    11-12-12 07:58 AM
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    I have had a similar encounters before as I wanted 3G but I had a 2G BIS. What I did was activate direct 3G through my carrier. Basically, ask them for direct TCP/IP settings and activate the plan. They may be reluctant at first, but they should agree (hey they want your money). That should help and that's how it used to work for me but now my carrier gives me free 3G as part of my unlimited bis plan so its all good.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9860 on with Tapatalk and my fingers
    11-12-12 08:35 AM
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    Must I make myself any clearer?
    I did provide a link for you to follow and with a little bit of research you would have found your answer but anyway...
    Here's your answer: NO, there is no way.

    Consider the following explanation as a courtesy to others seeking information.

    The BB browser is tied to a BIS/BES connection so that won't work through a regular data plan, it will work if you download a third party browser like Opera Mini for instance.
    The only thing you need is your carrier's APN details and enable those in your settings (Options - Device - advanced system settings - TCP/IP).
    You can find more on this matter should it interest you with a simple search <= I did it again.

    You can't just disable BIS or BES while keeping a data connection open with a flick of the switch.
    In order for your BB to use a data connection and not your BIS connection it all comes down to your service books.
    11-12-12 01:04 PM

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