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    When I upgraded to OS, I only have TWO options under Options ---> Browser Configuration: Hotsport Browser/MEdia Net, instead of THREE that I am supposed to have, aren't I? The third being Internet Explorer??
    And towards the bottom, on the same page, under Browser Identification, it says BlackBerry ONLY, which is grayed out, and locked.

    However, I only have Hotspot Browser and MEdiaNet under Browser Config. I did initially mess up the proper configuration regarding installing the correct AT&T browser service book "net_rim_browser_browser_daemon", or something close to that, but later had to re-do that part of the OS 5 upgrade, because of a tiny oversight. I think that when I attempted to repair it, it installed the right browser service book, because for one, I can browse non-MediaNet sites, but it's not very fast, and it comes up with errors a tad too many times IMO.

    Selecting Hotspot Browser is a WiFi browser, and won't work on 3G anyway, but it does not lock up the Browser ID to BlackBerry, as choosing MediaNet does, and I am able to select Firefox, and Internet Explorer instead of only the grayed out BlackBerry with the lock on it.

    Bottom line, I cannot set the home page (for example) to anything other than MediaNet. I can, however, select "Go To", and manually put in any URL.

    Sorry for the long post...please help! Am I not supposed to be able to have Internet Explorer up where you would select between MediaNet, Hotspot Browser, and the aforementioned Internet Explorer??????

    I love OS 5, and BBM 5, etc., etc. And that's the only thing that doesn't work. At least, it "feels like" provisioned incorrectly!?!??!?!??! HEEEEEEELP!
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    did you do the famous "browser fix", using BBSAK to install the browser service books manually? search, its a widely discussed topic.
    10-17-09 02:41 AM