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    Just finished my 2nd blog post. If you read my first post on the PlayBook, you'll enjoy reading this one too. My first post attracted about 3000 hits (thanks to CrackBerry Nation), so I'm hoping there are a few people interested to read more.

    This post relates to some of the struggles RIM has encountered due to negative press in recent months. I go on to suggest a couple strategies to help in promoting BB10 and changing the perception in the media. Whether you agree or not, I like reading the comments, so feel free to voice your opinion too.

    As my first post was, this is purely an opinion piece. If you disagree or believe RIM is dead, then I suggest you not read this. If you believe in the company and in the potential of BB10 and the future, read on!

    #HeneyBlog - Bright Days Ahead for RIM... Only if its Perception in the Media Changes
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