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    So in an effort to clear up my device memory, I moved probably 50 or more ringtones from device memory to the memory card. Don't know if it was warranted or wise, but thats what I did.

    Everything works fine, and the ringtones are there for me to use. They just live somewhere else now. But when I go to profiles>advanced to select a ringtone for a profile, after I scroll around for a few seconds looking at and hearing the ringtones, the BB will spontaneously reboot as if I did a battery pull. It never did this before I moved the ringtones.

    Being a non-brainiac on the secret innards of the BB, I'm just assuming this is some kind of processor/cache/memory issue. The BB (its a Curve, btw) is obviously telling me it does not like what I'm doing.

    So, 1) should I just transfer the ringtones back to device memory where God intended them to live, 2) was transferring them to the memory card a good or bad idea generally, and/or 3) is there a fix for this instead of just moving the ringtones back to device memory?

    EDIT: well, something is really hosed, because the ringtones in my profiles have reset to their factory settings. I'm going to try to x-fer the added ringtones back to device memory.

    thanks in advance
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    Remove your media card.
    Reboot the device.
    Check for stable operation Sans-media-card.
    shut down device.
    Insert media card.
    power on device.
    reassign ringtones as needed.

    10-07-08 03:20 PM