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    Hi. I've searched and searched but nothing on this issue:

    My BB bookmarks are disappearing. Seems like the older ones are gone. I suspect it is a result of low memory. I'm dealing with the memory issue apart from this issue.

    I have weekly backups so I could restore the now-missing bookmarks, but.... My question is, is there a way to restore old bookmarks without overwriting the ones I've added since that last backup?

    Even if that is possible (please advise, that'd be a great help), a better solution for me would be to somehow see a text-editable version of the old bookmarks on my desktop (using WinXPpro) and then I could copy them to my Xmarks profile. (From here on forward, as a result of this issue and for better syncing ease, I am going to rely on Xmarks for bookmarks on my BB).

    Please advise.

    Mil gracias.
    08-23-09 09:50 AM